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    Last day of the year

    So, here we are, last day of this year. I must say, 2011 hasn’t been a good year for me, and that’s why I’m so excited to begin a new year. I’m going to celebrate with some friends and my boyfriend tonight, and I can’t wait to put some elegant clothes on and my new and faboulous high heels :DNext March I’m also celebrating the first year of my blog! I’m so happy that I begun this experience, because this little blog has always been a place where I can forget about all my troubles and just concentrate on which colour to wear next on my nails :) Everyone has…

  • Essence

    My sparkling acrobat

    I cut my nails down. Yes, I really did it XD I guess I’m not made for long nails, they just annoy me after a while…so now here they are again, my nubbins!  And because I really love to wear dark polishes on short nails, I chose a black polish, it’s called My Sparkling Acrobat and it belongs to the new TE by Essence, called Circus Circus. I only got this one because the other colours didn’t catch my attention. A good black cream + gold glitter is always a winner instead. The black polish is amazingly pigmented: one coat and you’re done. But the stunner is the gold glitter…

  • Deborah

    Pink zebra

    I’m sooo bad at stamping, but I wanted to try it again anyway :/ So please, be gentle :PI used one of the other polishes I received for Christmas, Purple Batik by Deborah. It’s a nice and bright pink glitter and I used two coats for full opacity. Then I stamped this zebra print on top of it with a black polish by Essence. I did quite a mess but I liked it just because it’s the first time that my stamping attempt didn’t look so horrible!Well, I leave you with some pictures, and I promise I’ll do some more exercise :P

  • Nicole by O.P.I.

    My Christmas day

    Good morning! I hope you had a marvellous Christmas :)I’ve spent three amazing days with my friends and family, and I’ve had so much fun! I’m just sad that Christmas is over, but I’m already thinking about New Years Eve and the dress I’m searching for :PAnyway, I also received some gifts yesterday, and two of them were….guess what? Polishes!Yes, my friends know exactly what I love

  • Essence

    It’s Christmas time!

    I love Christmas so much, and I’m kinda sad that it’s almost over (I mean, the whole Christmas period, not the 25th itself). Anyway, I bought some gifts and I’m going to a Christmas concert tonight (yes, one of those with a chorus that sings Christmas carols

  • China Glaze,  Essence

    Short update

    Hello there! I haven’t changed my mani yet, so no new swatch for today. I just wanted to show you how I sponged my tips with “Time for romance” by Essence (yeah, I finally got it together with “Make it golden” :P). I love the result, and I just couldn’t take this polish off! That’s kinda a record for me :DWell, hope you’ll like it too! Have a nice day :)

  • China Glaze

    Traffic Jam

    This was such a difficult swatch, and not because of the polish (which is amazing btw), but because my camera didn’t want to capture the right colour. I hate when this happens, and it looks like my camera really dislikes pink/red polishes.  Anyway, I absolutely wanted to show you this polish (again, from the Metro Collection by China Glaze) because it’s definetly one of my favourites to pick when I have no clue which polish to choose; that means that Traffic Jam is always good to wear for me :) It’s formula is flawless: two coats and super shiny. I was kinda unlucky because I got a bottle with a…