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Almost flakie-like

I’m so happy that I didn’t have any lessons today, because this morning, when I woke up, the whole town was covered in snow. HERE and HERE are a couple of pics I took this morning :) It was definetly an artistic scenario! 
Anyway, what could you possibly do if you’re stuck home with nothing to study? Paint your nails, of course!
And that’s exactly what I did :D Surprised? I guess not :P
Being completely uninspired, I decided to go for something very simple yet spectacular. I first painted two coats with the black polish from the “My sparkling acrobat” duo, and then I just topped it with “Green ocean” (Sinful Colors). Amazing, right? I don’t think I would classify the glitters of “Green ocean” as flakies (there are tiny common glitters and some glitter chunks in there), but they look as good as flakies on the nails :) Over black you can see how they change from blue to green very well, and that’s what I love most about this mani. 
That’s it for today, I hope that tomorrow it’ll go on snowing like today so I can just stay home :P Meanwhile, I just wait for my boyfriend who decided to come over fighting against the weather, how romantic, huh? XD
  • Questo l’avrei comprato volentieri (pur se al prezzo-rapina italiano), ma qui non l’ho mai visto…

    È vero che i pezzettini sono rigidi? Lo leggevo non so dove… Però è bello.

    • Sì, i pezzettini sono rigidi :D Comunque nemmeno io l’ho mai visto in Italia, infatti l’ho ricevuto da un giveaway americano…

  • We are mani twins, except mine is layered over blue :P
    It looks great on you! :)

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome! :) I can’t take my eyes off. :)

  • You nails look so cute! This layering combo is perfect and the green/blue flakie-ness is amazing. Your snow pictures are great! Enjoy a nice afternoon/evening with the BF, hope he arrives/arrived safely. :)

    • Thanks :) In the end he arrived safely, late but safely XD

  • this looks super cute and chic on you!! love the turquoise sheen in the flakes!!

  • Questo lo sto puntando anch’io!! Domani prima di prendere il treno faccio un saltino alla Coin ;)

    • Fammi sapere se riesci a trovarlo! A me l’ha spedito una ragazza dall’America :/

  • Mai visto dal vivo questo SC! Bellissimo!
    Devo aggiungerlo alla mia wishlist, sperando che alla Coin più vicina non abbiano davvero tolto lo stand :(

  • I remember trying to hunt this down lol, It is so pretty!

  • This is a super gorgeous combination! Just love it!

  • Worst-case scenario: having lots of stuff to study/revise and painting your nails instead.
    Hot combo.
    We had a little snow this morning, but very soft and only lasted a few minutes.

  • So pretty! I love the blue-green shift!

  • Ciao!
    Il tuo blog è bellissimo, complimenti! Bella combinazione di smalti, peccato che da me non sono riuscita a trovarne uno di questa marca!

  • So awesome! I love this-just found your blog-new follower here!@

  • It’s a beautiful combo, I need to look for this color come April, I would love some
    Snow where I live, and yes that is super romantic now u just need to fall asleep in front of the fireplace lol.