• Mavala

    Pink mood

    If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a pink-fan. I love every shade of it, and now that the sun comes out again, I love it even more! So, yesterday I couldn’t resist when I saw this lovely little bottle of Mavala nail polish

  • Essence

    Essence "purple diamond"

    Well, here it is: I used the first one of the polishes I bought, purple diamond :) I’m not such a big fan of metallic colours, but this one is really beautiful. It’s a light purple shade with glitters, and, as I said, metallic. The application was simple, and it dried quickly. It’s a really shiny polish, like it!! I applied two coats and a top coat.

  • Essence

    Little preview

    A little preview of what I bought yesterday…which polish do you think I chose for todays manicure? :) 1. Essence purple diamond 2. Essence no more drama 3. Essence walk of fame

  • Debby colorPLAY,  Essence,  nail art

    Birthday manicure

    Today was my birthday, and so I decided to try something different for my manicure :) I chose a white polish as basis, and then I used the essence freestyle&tip painter to do draw some nice lines on my nails. At the end, I also added some glitters and stickers on my left hand. I really like the result, and I think I’ll do more often things like this! So, for the manicure I used two coats of white Debby colorPLAY polish, essence freestyle&tip painter, essence nail stickers and glitters and a top coat. The nail polish was really great to apply…the colour is enough opaque just after one coat,…

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    To Japan

    These are the moments in which I realize how lucky I am. I’ve got a house where to live in, I’ve got a family who loves me, I’ve got health, I’ve got love in my life.  But there are people who lost everything in a few minutes. They now have nothing.  Let’s do every little thing we can to help them, please. 

  • Pupa

    Pupa 80!s

    Today I want to show you a nail polish which I bought a long time ago, and that I recently re-discovered. I think it could be described as “holographic”, because there are so many beautiful colours you can see in it when the sun shines, but unfortunately today the sun has better things to do. But I wanted to show you these pictures anyway.  The polish belongs to the collection 80!s from Pupa, and I actually don’t know what’s it’s name :/ The application was really pleasant, but it took me four coats to reach a good opacity. The final result is a pretty silverish colour with little multicolour glitters in it.…

  • Essence

    Essence french manicure

    I know, I suck in french manicures! But I wanted to try it, even if my nails are still short and even if the last time I did something like this it became a disaster. I’m so stubborn :/ First I tried to put light-blue polish instead of the classical white, but it looked awful, so I changed, but still the result doesn’t satisfy me. Well, I hope that with a lot of exercice I’ll be able to improve myself…For this manicure I used the essence kit (yes, I know, but I swear I don’t always use essence products, you’ll see!), and this time I’m not so happy with it.…

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    Lipgloss mania

    Another short post to show you my favourite lipgloss of the moment. I’m really not that into makeup, but I like to put some lipgloss on before I leave home, especially when it has a good taste! So, last week I found a very cheap one (1.90E) that I really like. And the best part of it is that’s a no-brand lipgloss (I don’t usally spend lots of money for cosmetics, because I’m not a make-up addict, so I have no problems when it comes to buy cheap things like that!). Oh, and obviously a plus-point for the cute box!And today I went again to that perfumery because I wanted…