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Destination Pretty online shop + wishlist

destinationpretty1Sandra is a fellow blogger who has just opened her own online shop, where she’s selling a selection of products spacing from makeup/hair care/skincare to home decor and some accessories. What I like most about this shop, is that she’s actually offering some brands that are not easy to find anywhere else here in Europe (like Asian brands such as Etude house, Lioele, Tony Moly), and the selection of products is just excellent. I was browsing through the shop and found so many products that I would love to try, so I decided to create a wishlist to show you some of my personal highlights:

  1. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher, 12,90€;
  2. Etude House Look At My Eyes Café Eyeshadows, 6,95€;
  3. Etude House Dear My Party Nails Nail Polish, 5,90€;
  4. Scented Candles Gift Set – Indulgent, 18,95€;
  5. Etude House Real Art Cleansing Balm, 18,45€;
  6. Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence, 19,90€;
  7. Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Lipsticks, 15,95€;
  8. Skin Food Black Sugar Face Mask, 14,20€;
  9. Etude House Vivid Pop Stick Lipstick, 12,95€.

How gorgeous do all these products look? Just look at the packaging of Etude House makeup!! And another thing that I’m dying to try are those scented candles: there is a huge selection of different scents, and you can choose to buy them single in a bigger size or in gift sets, and I seriously had a hard time figuring out which ones I would try first, since they are all incredibly appealing to me :D Also the skincare range is pretty amazing, with all the different Asian face masks that most beauty-gurus rave about all the time.

In conclusion, I’m sold. I know these things are not cheap, but if I had the money, I would get all the products I listed and more right away! So, if you’re as curious as me to try out some new and different products, I highly suggest you to have a look at Sandra’s online shop. The girl is a sweetheart, her blog and YouTube channel are awesome and super neat, and her online shop is really worth a look :)



  • Quante cosine carine!!! Quegli smalti sembrano interessanti, magari ci farò un giretto!

    • Vero che sono carinissime? :D E’ difficile trovare un negozio che venda cose così qui in Europa :)

  • Thank you so much Elsa for such a lovely write-up! <3

    • You’re welcome <3

  • Uuuh *-* vado subito a farci un giro!!

  • I published a DP wishlist today aswell – Sandra chose THE cutest stuff for her little store!
    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

  • Grazie per aver condiviso con noi questo online shop. Sono sempre alla ricerca di prodotti particolari, soprattutto alcune marche asiatiche che sono tuttora difficili da trovare in Europa. Conosco già Skin Food ma non ricordo dove ne ho sentito parlare…