Epic nail mail!

I got some amazing nail mail today, from Roberta of Smaltoitaliano, who was soooo kind to send me some gorgeous polishes I don’t find here in my town <3 I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the package: 10 beautiful polishes were waiting for me to photograph and swatch them! So, here are the first pictures, now the only problem is: which one should I choose first? :D
ever 53 – 62
shaka 620 – 805
shaka J25 -600
shaka 630 – 420
BasicBeauty 66 – shaka 520

14 thoughts on “Epic nail mail!

  1. The Sneakerette

    wow those are all such amazing colors!! i can’t wait to see your swatches! i wonder what they’re like, since i don’t have access to those brands over here either (:


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