Essence,  Kiko

Essence "replay"

Yesterday I decided to shorten my nails a bit, and so I did. I like having long nails, but they’re quite uncomfortable when you work a lot with your hands :/ Then I choose a colour which I thought could be perfect to wear on short nails, and I’m talking about Replay, by Essence. It’s a kind of peppermint/mint green colour, very suitable for spring :) This colour isn’t from the colour&go collection, and I must say that I really hate the brush from the multi dimension collection >.< The application this time was a was so hard not to make a mess of it! But the colour is really pretty, so I have to forgive Essence for making such an horrible brush...:P
In the end, I added a coat of Kiko’s 229 on my middle finger, just to give a touch of sparkle to the end result :) Do you like it?

(Two coats of polish +  top coat)
  • I sooo love this color, but I agree with you. The brush is teribble. I like the Kiko too. It sparkles so nice.

  • This one is really beautiful. I really have to get it =). I like the way it look with KIKO as well =)