Kiko love

Hello everyone :) Hope you’re having a nice week-end! I’m still pretty tired…I’m having my last three days at work (in fact tonight will be last one, yeay!) and there’s a lot to do every night :/
Plus, I’m a bit sad because my best friend just went to Germany for four months, and I’m really feeling her absence :( Let’s just say that I’m not having the time of my life right now.

Changing subject, in these days I wear a different manicure every day, so I can try all the new polishes fast :P
For today, another creme and it’s again a Kiko one (sorry, I love them too much!): number 338. I loved this colour from the first moment I saw it, and I wore it a few days before I decided to change it. I would call it a light-periwinkle, it’s so delicate and pretty, and it’s definetly one of my favourite colours right now!
The formula of this polishes is really great, and they’re so glossy on their own <3
I used two coats here:

Do you own this polish too? Do you like it as much as I do? :)
  • It looks soo sweet! I love these shades on nails! :)

  • Whoa, this is amazing shade. It’s going on my wishlist. =) I hope you’ll feel better soon. :*

  • I’m feeling you! I LOVE Kiko’s polishes :)

  • Another beautiful shade from Kiko. Love it.

  • pretty color!
    and cheer up!

  • That’s a cheer up colour, yes!

  • Really lovely color. It does look happy!

  • Oh, this is just beautiful on you!!!! You weren’t kidding when you said you liked these kinds of colors. :)

  • :-( E’ sempre triste separarsi dalla migliore amica, dai che questi 4 mesi passeanno in fretta.
    Bello questo Kiko, sì!