Lucky, lucky me!

I know, I’ve been away for a whole week, but the reason was that I was spending four amazing days in Germany. Now I’m back (ç____ç) and I’ve got a LOT of polish to show you!
First of all, yesterday I received a package from the sweet Abby (Lovely in lacquer); I won her 100 Follower Giveaway a while ago and now the polishes are standing in my room. I must say, this was probably the most amazing giveaway I’ve ever seen, and I’m sooooo happy that I won :D You know how difficult it is for us italians to get O.P.I., Orly, etc. (and if you have the chance to find them, they’re extremely expensive) so I just couldn’t believe it when I found out that I would get some of the most pretty polishes out there all in once!
She was also so kind to add a little surprise…you’ll all guess which one it is :P

Amazing, right? I couldn’t be happier right now!
And then there are some polishes I bought in Germany…want to have a look? :)

 That’s a lot of polish XD Tomorrow you’ll see the first manicure with one of these, can you guess which one it is?
Have a nice day!

  • Oh, that’s pretty awesome haul!

  • Ooooh il DS Original!!! E’ bellissimo, io son stata fortunata e l’ho trovato ad un prezzo ridicolo, mi piace proprio tanto! Anche gli Orly sono favolosi.
    Dei tuoi acquisti germani mi intriga soprattutto il Golden Rose… E’ anche quello che indosserai domani??? ;)

  • Wow, great giveaway that you won and nice haul. You didn’t get any P2 though.

    Now you have lots of great polishes waiting to be swatched and shared.

  • beautiful polishes!

  • Wow, what a nice double haul!! And a belated “welcome to Germany”! :)
    Where did you buy Golden Rose? I’ve never seen it here so far.. :(
    I guess the first polish will be OPI DS, well, so I would do :)

  • Great haul!

  • O yes, lucky, lucky you :oD

  • Gli smalti vinti al giveaway sono stupendi! Ma…Kiko comprati in Germania ^_^?

  • What amazing color, congrats!!!

  • You lucky girl. So many nice polishes. :D

  • I’m sbrodoling everywhere :D°°°°

  • hope you enjoyed Germany, it’s where I live :)
    awesome polishes, I can’t wait to see swatches from you :)

  • Il Golden Rose vince parecchio, quella serie lì è fantastica :>

    Il giveaway pure, è una bella scelta di colori!

    I Kiko comprati in Germania sono migliori o peggiori di quelli italiani? :P :D

  • wow, great prize, love them all, and also nice buys, I love your taste in polishes :) can you write the number of that Golden Rose polish so I can look it up here, it looks divine!

  • Che meraviglia di premio! Fortunella! Io ho appena perso un giveaway vinto perchè ero in vacanza e non ho risposto in 48 ore :( Sigh!