Miss Lavender

Here I am again with a new manicure :) Today I want to show you the prettiest pink I own, which I got a couple of days ago for just 0.99€! It’s from the Show your Feet collection by Essence, and it’s discontinued by now (sadly ç__ç).
The colour is called “Miss Lavender” and I would describe it as a dusty pink. Apart from this lovely shade, I must add that the quality of this polish and the brush are just amazing, I think this is the best I’ve ever tried! The brush makes the application a dream, and I didn’t have to clean up at all, while the formula is super smooth and in two effortless coats you have a perfect result.
Only good things about this polish, and I wish Essence would do some more of these pretties :)
Oh, and I think I’ve finally found the perfect nail shape and length for me! :D What do you think?
  • Wow, what a beauty! Love the length and shape of your nails too. They look perfect.

  • Your nails look amazing. Like the polish too.

  • Yay! Looks georgeous! :) <3

  • This is really perfect nail shape and length for you, like it a lot!
    And I agree that this is one of the prettiest pink shades! Hope i can find it somewhere..

  • I love it! I don’t know why I still didn’t pick it up, but I will sooner or later with Flamingo Rose. <3 Your nails are just so stunning. <3

  • I am really loving this lavender color! So pretty!

  • This color looks so cute on you!

  • Your nails look great! And this is a really pretty pink on you :D

  • love this soft color, and your nails are the perfect shape and length

  • I don’t own enough essence polishes, this is a beauty!

  • Hi! Just found your blog and I wanted to tell you that I love your short nails and your neat manicures! I will look around more later. Are you from Italy?

  • @Mihaela: thank you, and welcome! :) Yes, I’m from Italy ;)

  • Pity our local store doesn’t carry the nailcare/nailart stuff from Essence.