My new favourite polish: Revlon "Minted"

I introduce you to my new favourite polish! It’s Revlon Minted“. I have really no words to describe how much I love this colour…I thought I would love Essie’s “Mint candy apple” this much, but in fact I like this one much more, because it has a touch of green that makes it even more beautiful <3
I just have to apply it a bit better, because I used two thicker coats and I got some bubbles :/ But I don’t care, it is amazing and I love love love it :P Well done Revlon!
Vi presento il mio nuovo smalto preferito: RevlonMinted“! Non ho parole per spiegarvi quanto io adori questo colore…pensavo che avrei detto queste cose a proposito di “Mint candy apple” di Essie, ma la realtà è che questo della Revlon è semplicemente più bello, almeno per me <3
Solo devo imparare a stenderlo un po’ meglio, visto che per queste foto ho usato due strati un po’ più spessi e sono comparse delle bolle :/ Ma non m’importa, la bellezza di questo smalto mi fa addirittura ignorare le bolle XD Ottimo lavoro Revlon!
  • So pretty on you! You are making me want to buy this — and I think my skin tone also works better with mints that aren’t as blue as Essie MCA. :)

  • This is my favorite mint as well! It looks great on you :D

  • Thats a beautiful color!

  • this is so gorgeous on you! i’ve always passed this one up, but i may have to pick it up now :D

  • Minted has always caught my eye but I’ve never purchased it … until tonight. I’ll have to go pick one up.

    Your nails are perfect!

  • It’s definitely a very pretty color! I love minty pastels!

  • Momentan stehe ich auch voll auf diese Mint-Töne! Minted sieht wirklich gut aus. Wäre er bei uns erhältlich, hätte ich ihn mir bestimmt schon gekauft! :)

  • What a gorgeous!

  • Really beautiful, I also prefer mints that are more on the green side

  • Such a great color. I’ve heard such good things about it, I need to suck it up and buy it!

  • It’s a really nice shade! :)

  • Love that color! I don’t think I have anything like this

  • I love this colour too! I said the exact same thing, that it reminded me of Essie Mint Candy Apple :) I tried it with the “Faded Ombre’ look if you want to check it out! –