The Dawn is Broken

This morning I’ve been in Venice, I had to get some books for University but the shop was closed, so I went for some shopping instead :P I was pretty successful, I bought 4 limited edition polishes by Catrice and Essence for just 0.99€ each! Well, if you want to see what I found check out my facebook page here.
Now I’m showing you another limited edition polish by Essence,  which you probably now well by now…I’m talking about The Dawn is Broken (Vampire’s Love TE), a weird grey polish with silver shimmer and tiny dark glitters (?).
The colour is very unique, and I guess not everybody is gonna love it, but I enjoyed wearing it, and I think it’s a pretty good polish, like all the ones of this collection. I used two coats in these pictures, but keep in mind that this is a very well pigmented polish, so I think you could use just one if you’re careful.
So, hope you like the pictures :) Now I’m going to put on some other colour on my nails…are you curious which one I’m talking about? XD
  • Love this one! Every color just suits you so good! You have such an beautiful nails!!

  • i love this polish :)

  • This one really is unique. And it looks gorgeus on your nails.

  • Great pictures of a stunning polish!

  • This is an amazing gray!

  • What a fantastic polish, it’s so unique! You totally rock it :)

  • Really amazing polish, I don’t think I’ve seen a colour like this one before. Love your nails too, they’re so cute! x

  • I have this weird shade too haha, I didn’t know if I loved it or hated it, but it looked interesting nonetheless. Haven’t tried it yet though, but it definitely looks great on you!