• Haha!!! Yes! That’s me to my hubby every time he asks me, “Don’t you already have the same color?” LOL!!

  • Cute photo! And those bottles match your eyes ;)

  • Hahahaha. So true! Will you continue to post these as they are made? It would be a great series!

  • Haha! I love this…so cool (and so true)! Please post more :)

  • hihi, ich liebe das Bild! :)

  • So true. :D

  • Oh Elsa, this photo rocks!! :) You’re so beautiful! ♥

  • :D purtroppo è vero!

  • Haha, how absolutely true! :D

  • hahaha i love this picture! and your orange nails (;

  • Ahah è il mondo che non ci capisce! E’ logico, no? Non sono uguali sono solo simili! eheh ;)

  • This is pure Pinterest GOLD.

  • On my study break ATM and you made me laugh out loud. xD Incredibly adorable picture and I completely agree with the point of it. xD BTW; love how your eyes look almost minty, like the polish you’re holding. :D

  • Awesome! And so true! Can’t wait to see more! =)

  • Bahahaha. Love it!

    • You’re famous! I saw your pic on rebecca likes nails. Weee! and btw love the color blocking with the blue clothing and orange nails.

    • hahaha I saw that too! But I did the mistake not putting a watermark on it >.< At least people would know where the picture is from...well, too late, I'll do that next time! :P

  • hahahaha these are gonna be soo funny I love the idea

  • Hee! I neever do that… ~.o

  • so fun!!! do more!

  • LOVING this!!! Pinned it =]!

  • Ora finirai ovunque nell’internet, sappilo :D

  • LOL Exactly!

  • Love it! couldn’t agree more!

  • Haha, love it!

  • ROFL! I love it. We nail polish fanatics say this all the time :D

  • ITA! Love this so much!

  • Oh, awesome! I can’t wait :D

  • Those colors are totally different and everyone can see that ;)

  • This is so true! Can’t wait for the rest :D!

  • Posted this to http://www.reddit.com/r/RedditLaqueristas/ and we all can’t wit for more!

  • hahahahaha lo dico sempre anch’io!!

  • Haha! I love it! Already saw this photo popping around(including on Rebecca likes nails). You should have watermarked it so that people credit you. I have the same problem too, especially with minty polishes. They do look pretty much the same to the untrained eye.

  • I have to tell my husband this every time I buy new polish, and pull out the one he is refering to for reference! =P

  • Stunning pic :) Me giggling :)

  • LOL I love it!

  • Oh YES!!!

  • Love this photo! And I love to be nail polish junkie! ;))
    You have the prettiest eyes!

  • Had to post this pic on my facebook wall, hope you don’t mind it

  • Cho

    LOL. Oh so true…

  • Ana

    You hit the nail on the head.

  • haha love the pic!

  • So true! I have shared it on my FB wall and had a great response from both sided :-D
    Excellent job!

  • Yes indeed they are…..similar……just a little ! :-))

  • Hi, I used your photo in my blog post here (and have linked back to source =) ):


    I hope you don’t mind! I will take it down if you would prefer that I don’t use it ^^

  • I had seen this picture around to but got pointed to the source! Is it ok with you if I use it in a blog post comparing colors?

    • yes, of course :)

  • Nailz Craze

    Love it! :D