• Essence

    Baby blue

    I just couldn’t wait to show you these pictures, I’m so proud of how they turned out :D  For the manicure I used Speed of light blue (from the You Rock LE by Essence), and after a while I put a coat of glitters on it, the Essence glitter topcoat, which gave a subtle but lovely touch to this pretty polish. I loved it

  • Mavala

    South beach pink

    Painting my nails and blogging are for me, right now, a way to temporarily forget my pain, and I really appreciate this therapeutic effect.Today I want to blog again about this pretty pink polish, South Beach Pink from Mavala. You already saw this one a while ago, but I thought it needed a better swatch because of its beauty.It’s a rich and very bright pink, I just love how it looks on the nails. It has a gorgeous formula too, very smooth, and it covers in just one coat (but I used two anyway).There is just one thing I don’t like about this brand: the price. Yeah, because a bottle of…

  • Catrice

    Piggy pink

    I bought Miss Piggy reloaded (Catrice) a long time ago, but I never really wore it because I thought it didn’t suit my skin tone or my nail-lenght. But today I decided to give it a try and I’m not disappointed at all! The colour itself is a bit more brighter than in my pictures and the name describes it pretty well: it’s a pig-pink, definetly not a colour that everyone loves. As you can see in the last picture, the polish contains small glitters, but these don’t really show up on the nail, or at least, they’re there but you can hardly see them. About the formula: I used…

  • catherine arley,  Kiko

    Something blue

     Good afternoon girls :) Today I’m writing this post lying in my bed because yesterday I had a little surgery and I’m not able to sit right now… I really hope this will change in the next few days :/Anyway, even if I really liked my last mani (with the red polish you saw in the previous post), I had to take the polish off when I got to the hospital. But today I absolutely wanted to paint my nails again, and I chose this Catherine Arley polish I found some days ago in the same shop where I bought the red one.What can I say about it? Well, as…

  • Delys

    Red surprise

    Wandering through your blogs i recognised the same feeling that captured me too: the Christmas-feeling :D You know, December is my favourite part of the year, and I start planning my Christmas holidays long before they actually begin :P I LOVE Christmas, not only because of the gifts (no, I’m not hiding the fact that I like receiving gifts, but I also love doing them!), but because of the lights, the music, the Christmas tree, the snow,…ewwww

  • China Glaze

    Concrete catwalk

    Hello there :) Yes, I decided to post again even if I haven’t reached my purpose yet :P I absolutely wanted to share with you this pretty polish…you know which one I’m talking about, right? Yes, it’s Concrete Catwalk from the Metro Collection by China Glaze.  It’s a rich dark grey with a hint of blue, the perfect winter colour if you ask me. We’re going through some cold and foggy days here in Italy, and I think this is the right colour to wear in this occasion :) So pretty

  • flomar

    flomar from Germany

    Sorry girls for the absence, but I’m trying to let my nails grow and I’d like to change their shape as soon as they’ll be long enough, so I’m taking this kind of break (yes, because I obviously didn’t stop painting them!) from posting. But don’t worry, I’m coming back! :PSo, for today a short swatch of my one and only flomar polish, which was a gift from two of my best friends, and it comes from Germany.It reminds me Revlon’s Black with envy, but the formula was a bit disappointing, most of all because it leaves brush-strokes on the nail.Anyway, it’s an interesting colour, a somewhat greenish-grey metallic shade.…

  • Essence

    True Love

    A couple of days ago I finally found the Vampire’s Love LE by Essence in a store, and I was so happy that I could get the few things I wanted (two polishes and the eyeshadow palette) :)  When I first saw Nihirida’s post with the swatches of the polishes, I knew I had to get True Love and Into the Dark, and so I did. Well, True Love, the first one I tried (and the one I’m wearing right now), didn’t disappoint me at all! Everything about this polish is awesome, the formula (I guess I can call this a one-coater), the beauty (just take a look at that shimmer, floating…