• Essence

    Miss Lavender reloaded

    I loved “Miss Lavender” so much that I didn’t want to take it off; I did some stamping on it instead :) I used “Purple Diamond” also by Essence and I used one of the Essence stamping plates. Well, I think these two colours look amazing together, and I liked the result so much!  Now I’m a bit sad because the polish chipped on my index finger, and I think today I will change colour :( Anyway, I loved “Miss Lavender” alone and I loved it with some stamping, it’s perfect!

  • Essence

    Miss Lavender

    Here I am again with a new manicure :) Today I want to show you the prettiest pink I own, which I got a couple of days ago for just 0.99€! It’s from the Show your Feet collection by Essence, and it’s discontinued by now (sadly ç__ç). The colour is called “Miss Lavender” and I would describe it as a dusty pink. Apart from this lovely shade, I must add that the quality of this polish and the brush are just amazing, I think this is the best I’ve ever tried! The brush makes the application a dream, and I didn’t have to clean up at all, while the formula…

  • Essence

    The Dawn is Broken

    This morning I’ve been in Venice, I had to get some books for University but the shop was closed, so I went for some shopping instead :P I was pretty successful, I bought 4 limited edition polishes by Catrice and Essence for just 0.99€ each! Well, if you want to see what I found check out my facebook page here. Now I’m showing you another limited edition polish by Essence,  which you probably now well by now…I’m talking about The Dawn is Broken (Vampire’s Love TE), a weird grey polish with silver shimmer and tiny dark glitters (?). The colour is very unique, and I guess not everybody is gonna love…

  • Prestige

    Rio + Facebook page

    I hope your 2012 started good enough :) Mine did, at least for now! I’m writing this post while waiting for my best friend to arrive, we’re going to have some Japanese food for lunch, yummy! :D Here I swatched another polish I got from a friend of mine, it is called Rio and the brand is Prestige Nail Bijoux. The name is perfect for this shade, a vibrant shimmer green which reminds of tropical nature :D The formula of Rio was ok, I used two coats and a top coat. The only thing that surprised me was the strange finish of the polish itself, somewhat rubberish and streaky :/…

  • itstyle

    New Year’s Eve mani

    Good morning and Happy 2012! I’m so happy that this new year has finally begun, and I’m full with good vibes and expectations :) I had a marvellous night and I’m ready to start this year with my closest friends, my family and my boyfriend. I hope you had a good time too :) So now let me introduce you to my New Year’s Eve manicure, of which you already had a little preview in yesterdays post. I decided to wear a silver polish, and it’s nr.16 from itstyle (an italian brand). I wanted this polish to look like a chrome one, so I used 4 coats to make it…