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August favourites + video!!!


I preferiti di questo mese hanno un twist, che si presenta sottoforma di video *say whaaaaaaaaat?!*! Ebbene sì, mi sono fatta ispirare da Valeria e ho deciso di lanciarmi anch’io sul tubo, giusto perché non è sempre facile cercare di spiegarvi cosa ne penso di un prodotto in un post…leggere articoli chilometrici può diventare noioso, mentre guardare un video è forse la forma più adatta ad assumere determinate informazioni con un briciolo d’interesse in più, almeno così è per me. Essendo un’assidua frequentatrice di Youtube, mi ritrovo spesso a pensare che anch’io avrei da dire la mia riguardo a un sacco di cose, ma quando mi trovo seduta davanti alla tastiera, improvvisamente mi sparisce l’ispirazione o la voglia di buttare giù un papiro di parole. Dunque eccoci qua, con un video fresco fresco di editing, con una Elsa lievemente dislessica per l’emozione, un montaggio mooooolto approssimativo e una serie imbarazzante di espressioni che potevo anche evitare. Ma chissene! Io mi sono divertita, e spero che un minimo possiate apprezzarlo anche voi lo sforzo di presentarmi davanti a voi con i capelli chiaramente non stirati ;) Questo è quanto, vi lascio in seguito la lista di prodotti menzionati e qualche swatch, visto che non ho ancora scoperto come montare sufficientemente bene un video per permettermi di inserire dei close-up. Buona visione!

For my August favourites I have quite a twist, that sadly will not be very useful to you not-italian readers…I have finally decided that I want to start publishing videos on Youtube, upgrading my blogging experience to a whole new level. But since it’s all so new (and quite embarassing), I thought that it would be better if I started with something I feel more comfortable in, and that is speaking my mother tongue, Italian. With that I’m not saying that I won’t be trying to post some videos in English in the future, but for the moment bare with me…Anyway, I’m still going to tell you all about my favourite products for the month of August, so let’s start!

  • NYX blush in “Taupe”: I got this during my holiday in Germany, and I haven’t put it down since then. It’s seriously the best contouring product for fair-skinned people, and I love using it to sculpt my cheecks, temples, chin and sometimes even my nose. It’s cool-toned, so you won’t get that orange-y face that is the result of using some bronzers, and it creates a sort of natural shadow that makes your face look way more sculpted than it is. And I also like the fact that it’s quite a sheer colour pay-off, so you can build it up as you like. Oh, and have I mentioned that it doesn’t contain any shimmer at all?? Just an awesome product.
  • Sleek blush in “Antique”: probably not the most summer-y blush, but I’ve been loving wearing it after I contoured my face with the NYX blush, because the shades are really similar, but the Sleek blush is a bit more rose-y, helping the contouring to pop even more. The only thing I really don’t like about it, is the silver shimmer in it, since it will get all over your face once you apply the blush. If it was a matte finish, it would be THE perfect blush, so Sleek, please do a blush identical to Antique but without the shimmer!!!
  • L’Oréal eyeshadow in “Over the taupe”: I’ve already talked about this eyeshadow in my last monthly favorites, so check out that post for more informations, but it has been a standard product in my makeup routine in August as well, so it was worth mentioning it again. Such an amazing product, L’Oréal has really done an incredible job with these single eyeshadows.
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeshadow stick in “Bluffing”: this cream eyeshadow has pretty much always been the base I used with the L’Oréal eyeshadow. The colours are quite similar, and these Rimmel sticks have such a lovely staying power, so they are a great base for powder shadows. Meanwhile Bluffing is the fourth Scandaleyes eyeshadow stick I own, and I love them all!
  • Neve Cosmetics pastello occhi in “Melanzana”: probably my favourite product from the brand, the pencil liners have some beautiful colour options, and I’ve been wearing the purple one quite a lot recently, to pimp up some neutral makeup looks with a touch of colour. Sadly, these pencils are too soft to be used on the lid on their own or in the waterline, since they will hopelessly crease and fade extremely quickly, but used as liners they are pretty good. I own two more colours and I love them to death!
  • P2 cream eyeshadow in “Just as you are”: another cream eyeshadow I got in Germany; this is a beautiful pale rose gold shade that gives so much light to the eyes, and it is a great base for powder shadows. It’s staying power is good enough to not crease for a few hours in these hot and humid days, so I guess it will be even more awesome if used during the colder months. I’m seriously in love with this shade, and I’ve been combining it with a lot of different powder eyeshadows, always getting a glow-y and radiant look. Too bad that we don’t get p2 products here in Italy.
  • L’Oréal BB powder in “Light”: this has been my powder of choice for my everyday face, because it provides a light coverage, it minimizes pores making your skin look pretty much flawless, and it keeps me shine-free for a good amount of time (which is quite rare for finishing powders on my skin). I’m really really loving it, and I’m glad that I found it on sale (also in Germany) for about 7€ instead of 14/17€ which is the standard price here in Italy. I’m getting into L’Oréal products more and more, and my next purchase will definitely be their Perfect Match foundation, as soon as I find it on sale!
  • My two last favourites are skincare items: one being a night cream with white tea by the brand Aok (which I think is German, but I’m not sure) that is meant to purify your skin, and the other one is a muslin cloth. The cream is the best night cream I’ve ever tried, even if it only costs around 3,50€, hydrating and nourishing my skin like nothing else! It also has a delicate and lovely smell, which makes it feel more luxurious than it is, and I’ve noticed that it actually helped to clear up my skin since I’ve started using it. Now I really want to try out this entire range of white tea skincare products, but we don’t have this brand available here in Italy, of course… The muslin cloth was another great discovery I’ve made in August: I use it in the mornings and evenings to wash my face, but the best part is when I rinse it with hot water and then I put it on my face for a few seconds. When I take it off, my skin feels SO good, I can’t even explain it, just try it! I guess it opens up the pores and the skin breathes and eliminates all of the dirt, and that’s one of the best feelings ever after taking off all of the makeup. Such a simple item, but what a difference it makes!

So, that’s all for my August favourites, I hope you liked reading about them, and let me know if there’s anything else I should try ;)