Baby blue

I just couldn’t wait to show you these pictures, I’m so proud of how they turned out :D 
For the manicure I used Speed of light blue (from the You Rock LE by Essence), and after a while I put a coat of glitters on it, the Essence glitter topcoat, which gave a subtle but lovely touch to this pretty polish. I loved it <3 
Speed of light blue has a stunning colour, it’s a baby blue with a slightly darker shimmer (many say it’s similar to Chanel’s Riva); it took two coats to be opaque and it’s one of my favourite shades right now.
Even if these days are still sunny and we’re definetly not freezing, I can’t stop thinking about Christmas, and this mani reminded me of it, even if don’t know exactly why :P
Well, I hope you like this post as much as I do! That’s all for today, see you guys :D

 …aaaand with a glitter top coat! :D