Beauty Joint,  review

BeautyJoint review

Today, my friends, is a happy day for me: the postman delivered both the packages I was waiting for! :D
I’d like to make a review about the service of these two online shops I got my polish from: Beauty and Nail Polish First online shop I’m going to review is Beauty Joint, and I’m talking about Nail Polish Direct in the next post. Hope you’ll enjoy it and most of all, that you will find it helpful!
First of all: you know, I’m from Italy, and for us, ordering polishes from the USA is pretty expensive, most of all because most of the times our mail gets stuck at the customs, and that means that A) you have to wait a long time before you finally get your package (usually it varies from 1 to 2 months); B) you also have to pay extra money when it arrives home (last time I’ve spent 11€) so that it isn’t convenient anymore to buy oversea. But I think that getting our China Glaze, Orly or O.P.I. polishes from the USA is always a bit less expensive that buying them in shops here in Europe, so we’re somehow “forced” to shop oversea if we really want polishes from american brands.
Now, before I placed my order on this american online shop, I asked some girls about their experience, and the funny thing was that the only negative comments I heard about the delivery came from italian girls. As a matter of fact, outside Italy, a Beauty Joint order arrived within one or two weeks, without any problems (keep in mind that I’m just talking about delivery times and taxes), while in Italy it took about two months because the packages were stopped at the customs, and when they were delivered home people had to pay extra.
So, I knew that there could be problems but I decided to place my order anyway, because they have really nice polishes (Kleancolor, Milani, LA Girl, NYX Girls and recently also China Glaze) and the shipping was’n very expensive: I payed $11,39 for International Package shipping, plus $1,99 of Shipping Insurance (this was optional) and $1 for Handling Fee.
The polishes theirself were pretty cheap: I payed $1,75 for the Kleancolors and $4,25 for the China Glaze (this one was a bit more expensive because it’s a glitter, the other ones were $3,99 and the crackles $4,99).
Overall I spent $26,73 (about 21€) for six polishes, that means 3,5€ per polish, and that’s not bad considering that they came from the USA!
Summarizing: My experience with this online shop was pretty positive. My polishes arrived home safely and I didn’t have to pay extra fees. The only thing that bothered me a little was how long it took for my package to get here, but hey, I guess that’s kinda fair thinking about what I payed for the shipping. I just hope that this experience of mine wasn’t the only positive here in Italy. In conclusion, I will probably buy some more stuff on Beauty in the future :)
from left to right:
China Glaze: Blonde Bombshell; Kleancolor: Neon Pink, Barbie Pink, Chunky Holo Bluebell, Neon Sapphire, Bite Me