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Birthday manicure

Today was my birthday, and so I decided to try something different for my manicure :) I chose a white polish as basis, and then I used the essence freestyle&tip painter to do draw some nice lines on my nails. At the end, I also added some glitters and stickers on my left hand. I really like the result, and I think I’ll do more often things like this! So, for the manicure I used two coats of white Debby colorPLAY polish, essence freestyle&tip painter, essence nail stickers and glitters and a top coat. The nail polish was really great to apply…the colour is enough opaque just after one coat, but I always apply two; also the silver painter is simple to use, but I’ve got some problems with using my left hand to paint on my right one :S What I didn’t like at all were these flower stickers…they also belong to the essence collection, but they were really difficult to stick on my nails…as you can see in the fourth picture, there is a corner that doesn’t fix at all. On my right hand I had to remove one because it looked really awful! But this was the only problem I had with the whole manicure :)
So, do you like it? :D