sky kisses

Blue my mind

Yes, I’m still alive, don’t worry! And now I’m back again :)
I finally got rechargeable batteries for my baby (I’m talking about my camera XD), so now I can take good pictures of all my manis (for my last post I had to use my old camera again)!
Things have been a bit hectic lately, so I didn’t find the time to post, sorry :(
Work is driving me mad right now, and I made it to catch sore throat in August (bad bad air conditioner!) =.=
Well, luckily I still find the time to do my nails :D

And for today I’ve got another blue polish to show you. It’s a lovely blue shimmer from Sky Kisses, and I’m pretty in love with it <3
These polishes don’t have names, but numbers (yes, I hate it too), and this one is number 38.
The strange fact about this polish is that it’s very sheer, and I needed three coats…I didn’t expect this, because usually dark colours don’t need so many coats :/
Anyway, I liked it anyway, and I don’t care how many coats I need for opacity :
Hope you like it too!

  • I’m more into subtler blues, but beautiful all the same.
    You have to be really careful with airconditioning. Some people set it to high and it becomes really uncomfortable.

  • Ouuu, pretty!

  • Oh, wow! It looks great, so electric :)

  • looks good,,,

  • Dopo aver letto il tuo primo post su questa marca l’altro giorno sono andata alla Gardenia per vedere che colori avessero. Alla fine sono uscita anche io con 3 smalti, uno ce l’ho già addosso, un bel rosa mirtillo di cui mi è bastata una sola passata. Vediamo un po’ la durata! Ho notato una cosa, tu dici che sti smalti hanno solo numeri, ma sui miei c’è scritto anche il colore!

  • your nails are very beautiful

  • Thank goodness you posted a comment on my blog, so I could find yours. Your photos are great! Can’t wait to see more from you. =)

  • Preferivo l’altro (io e i blu “puri” non andiamo molto d’accordo), a proposito grazie per l’indicazione della profumeria, forse ne ho una a portata di mano (ci ero entrata un paio di volte ma non ho mai visto smalti di questa marca)!