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    Like a Barbie or a flamingo?

    There’s some stuff going on in my life lately, some good and some bad. But I won’t stop blogging, because this is one of those things which distracts you from your real life, and this is exactly what I need right now.I’ve always thought I was a fragile person, but now I realize I was wrong: I went through a lot of things and I’m still here, with a smile on my face. I think I only have to convince myself that I can do whatever I want (or I have to) because I’m strong enough :) So, now let’s talk again about nail polish! Today I’ve got another Barry…

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    just another perfect polish………………………..

    If I had to write a list of positive and negative things about the polish I’m going to introduce you it would look like this:+ : Amazing colour, so bright and shiny, perfect for summer days; Great formula, not too thick, not too sheer; two coats for perfection (one if you’re a thick-coat lover); Beautiful brush, it makes the application very easy; Low price for really high quality. – : … … … … Yes, this polish is pure perfection. And I’m talking about Barry M.‘s “Coral“! I’ve read soooo many positive comments about this brand, but I never thought that it would be SO good :D I think I…

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    on my wishlist right now

    I haven’t tried any Barry M. polish yet, but I’m going to get these ones asap. I think this brand has such pretty colours and the prices are affordable too :)It’s a while that I’m looking for some bright polishes and these are my favourites right now! So, let’s hope that they won’t be out of stock before tomorrow :PI would really like to hear some of your opinions about Barry M. polishes, so…tell me!Have a nice sunday!