• Catrice,  Essence,  p2

    Green and purple? Oh yeah

    I felt a bit inspired today, so I decided to go for something more elaborate than usual (but not too much). So, after applying this very pretty purple polish by p2 called “My place or yours?” I started thinking: “what would Roberta choose to put on top?” :D And so I grabbed two more nail polishes that could work quite well with this base: Catrice “Forget-me-not!” and Essence “City that never sleeps“.And that’s how this manicure was born! There’s not much to explain here, I only sponged a couple of coats of those two polishes on the tips of the nails with a piece of makeup sponge, and voilà! :DI’m…

  • Catrice,  makeup

    New in my stash: cheap & awesome

    When it comes to makeup, I’m definitely a low-budget kind of hoarder. I’m not saying that all cheap makeup products are good quality as well, but this time I have found some really nice ones that I want to share with you. I want to start with my absolute favourite one: it’s a new limited edition blush by Catrice (it’s part of the “Neo Geisha” collection) called “Discreet artist“. The weird thing for me is that it’s a cream blush. I’m not really a huge fan of this texture to work with, especially without a brush that is meant for that. I have to use my hands, and most of…

  • Catrice,  Essence

    Iron Mermaiden plus Hello Holo

    Hello there! Here I am again, showing you my attempt to recreate Butter London’s “Knackered“. I knew I would lose the challenge from the beginning, but hey! The result is still a duochrome with holographic glitters on top and I like it :) The base colour of this manicure is the beautiful “Iron Mermaiden” by Catrice, multichrome polish in the bottle but just duochrome on the nails (still pretty though!). I used three coats of it to reach opacity, but it didn’t bother me, because I do really enjoy this colour on my nails. Then, on top, I added one coat of “Hello Holo” by Essence. Well, it’s definetly not…

  • Catrice

    Forget me not!

    I can’t believe I didn’t buy this polish before. When I stood in front of the Catrice stand I got “Purplelized” instead of “Forget me not!“, but I made a big mistake. In fact, I gave “Purplelized” to my cousin because I didn’t like it that much, and now I finally bought this beauty.This is what I call a true purple! In the bottle you can see that in this purple base there are a gazillion of teeny tiny silver glitters suspended, which, translated on the nail, give to this polish such an amazing sparkle touch.I don’t have nothing to complain about the formula neither: like almost all Catrice polishes,…

  • Catrice,  duochrome

    Genius in the bottle

    Good morning! I have a very beautiful polish to show you today :) It’s one of the new Catrice polishes, and it’s called “Genius in the bottle“. You can see, it’s obviously another “dupe” of “Péridot” from Chanel. I’m really into this shade, and even if I already own the Sephora version, I couldn’t resist when I saw this pretty on the shelf!  I wish Catrice had created this polish before I got the Sephora one, because it’s much more cheaper (2,79€ for 10ml, while “Diving in Malaysia” was 5,50€ for 5ml) and I actually kinda like more. I think the duochrome in this one is more evident, but apart…

  • Catrice

    Drama Queen

    For today a very short post because I’ve got headache and I have to go back studying. This is “Drama Queen” and it belongs to the LE Welcome to Las Vegas by Catrice. It’s a really dark brown with copper (?) shimmer, but it doesn’t show up very much on the nails, at least the effect isn’t as strong as in the bottle. I really like it, and I think the formula of this is amazing (I used 2 coats btw).

  • Catrice

    Piggy pink

    I bought Miss Piggy reloaded (Catrice) a long time ago, but I never really wore it because I thought it didn’t suit my skin tone or my nail-lenght. But today I decided to give it a try and I’m not disappointed at all! The colour itself is a bit more brighter than in my pictures and the name describes it pretty well: it’s a pig-pink, definetly not a colour that everyone loves. As you can see in the last picture, the polish contains small glitters, but these don’t really show up on the nail, or at least, they’re there but you can hardly see them. About the formula: I used…