• China Glaze,  Essence

    Short update

    Hello there! I haven’t changed my mani yet, so no new swatch for today. I just wanted to show you how I sponged my tips with “Time for romance” by Essence (yeah, I finally got it together with “Make it golden” :P). I love the result, and I just couldn’t take this polish off! That’s kinda a record for me :DWell, hope you’ll like it too! Have a nice day :)

  • China Glaze

    Traffic Jam

    This was such a difficult swatch, and not because of the polish (which is amazing btw), but because my camera didn’t want to capture the right colour. I hate when this happens, and it looks like my camera really dislikes pink/red polishes.  Anyway, I absolutely wanted to show you this polish (again, from the Metro Collection by China Glaze) because it’s definetly one of my favourites to pick when I have no clue which polish to choose; that means that Traffic Jam is always good to wear for me :) It’s formula is flawless: two coats and super shiny. I was kinda unlucky because I got a bottle with a…

  • China Glaze

    Concrete catwalk

    Hello there :) Yes, I decided to post again even if I haven’t reached my purpose yet :P I absolutely wanted to share with you this pretty polish…you know which one I’m talking about, right? Yes, it’s Concrete Catwalk from the Metro Collection by China Glaze.  It’s a rich dark grey with a hint of blue, the perfect winter colour if you ask me. We’re going through some cold and foggy days here in Italy, and I think this is the right colour to wear in this occasion :) So pretty

  • China Glaze,  sky kisses

    Blue combo rocks

    Well, University is taking the most of my time, so I’m not able anymore to post with the same frequency as before. So, for today guess what? Another blue combo :P I know, probably you’re tired of these manis, but I’m not, blue is just sooo pretty on nails

  • China Glaze


    Hello there! Here I am with my first China Glaze swatch! I can’t believe that I finally own some of their beauties

  • China Glaze,  Orly

    Package arrived :)

    Well, a couple of days ago my package finally arrived! Yuppiee!It took 20 days, but I guess that’s not so bad for an international order (and the best part is that the customs didn’t stop it!)…I’m really happy about how well this worked, and I’ll definetly buy more stuff from nailsupplies.us :)So, here are some pictures of the package:  And these are my first China Glaze + Orly polishes! I’m sooo happy with them and I love the colours