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    deBBY colorPLAY n.198

    Hello there! New nail polish to show you today :D I’m still drooling over Essie “Bikini so teeny” but because I’m not willing to spend 12€ for a nail polish I’m on a hunt for a good dupe. I haven’t found it yet, but I got a pretty periwinkle polish instead, a bit darker than BST but still a beautiful colour.This one is from deBBY colorPLAY and it’s n.198. I must admit: I hate everything about these bottles. I think they’re too childish :/ That’s why I usually don’t buy polish from this brand, but I just couldn’t resist this time.The polish itself is pretty good, I had no problems…

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    deBBy "112"

    Good morning! Today a short post to show you another lovely polish :) This one is from deBBy colorPLAY and it’s number 112 (stupid no-name polishes >.

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    Birthday manicure

    Today was my birthday, and so I decided to try something different for my manicure :) I chose a white polish as basis, and then I used the essence freestyle&tip painter to do draw some nice lines on my nails. At the end, I also added some glitters and stickers on my left hand. I really like the result, and I think I’ll do more often things like this! So, for the manicure I used two coats of white Debby colorPLAY polish, essence freestyle&tip painter, essence nail stickers and glitters and a top coat. The nail polish was really great to apply…the colour is enough opaque just after one coat,…