• duochrome,  Pupa

    Pupa n.410 "Eccentric violet"

    I’m soooo happy that I can finally show you this nail polish! I bought it a while ago but I wanted to wait until my camera got back to show you nice swatches of it. It belongs to Pupa‘s latest collection called “China Doll” (which, btw, has some seriously awesome nail polishes apart from this! I also own another one which I’ll show you very soon). Pupa is doing such a great job lately, with their holographic polishes, chrome polishes and now also duochromes! The only thing I still don’t like about these is their bottle: too small (5ml), horrible brush (too long and fluffy) and the cap makes the…

  • Catrice,  duochrome

    Genius in the bottle

    Good morning! I have a very beautiful polish to show you today :) It’s one of the new Catrice polishes, and it’s called “Genius in the bottle“. You can see, it’s obviously another “dupe” of “Péridot” from Chanel. I’m really into this shade, and even if I already own the Sephora version, I couldn’t resist when I saw this pretty on the shelf!  I wish Catrice had created this polish before I got the Sephora one, because it’s much more cheaper (2,79€ for 10ml, while “Diving in Malaysia” was 5,50€ for 5ml) and I actually kinda like more. I think the duochrome in this one is more evident, but apart…

  • duochrome,  Essence

    Out of my mind + vacation time!

    Am I maybe in a duochrome phase?Well, considering this other polish I chose for today I would say yes…I’m talking about “Out of my mind“, a gorgeous blue/green polish from Essence. I don’t know why I didn’t buy this before, but I’m glad I did in the end!The polish looks a bit sheer after the first coat, but I needed only two coats to reach opacity, so don’t worry.  This is also the colour I chose for my short trip to the beach (but I’m taking one or two other polishes with me…btw, any suggestions?). Oh, about that, tomorrow morning I’m leaving for five days (I’ll be back on thursday evening)…

  • duochrome,  sky kisses

    Oh my beauty!

    Oh man, this polish is just heaven! I think right now this is the prettiest colour in my stash *ç*  Mixing blue and purple together is one the best combos ever in my opinion. I love it, I really really love it

  • duochrome,  Essence

    The invisible duochrome

    When this collection came out (@Holographic.com) I said I would only get this polish, because the other ones where kind of boring to me, and so I did. Yesterday I swatched “Blue Ray” (Essence). Well, obviously they don’t know what holographic means…this was actually thought to be a duochrome, but most of the time it’s only a metallic blue polish. The only moment I saw the pink shade was when I held my hand under the light. I was pretty disappointed because it looked so good in the bottle :( It’s a nice colour though, but not really my style…I don’t think I’ll use this polish a lot in the…

  • Debby colorPLAY,  duochrome

    deBBy "112"

    Good morning! Today a short post to show you another lovely polish :) This one is from deBBy colorPLAY and it’s number 112 (stupid no-name polishes >.

  • duochrome,  Essence

    Essence "where is the party?"

     This is my first duochrome polish, and it’s obviously from Essence :P I really like this brand,because you can buy very cheap nail polish (1.29€ or 1.99€) with great quality. And this was no exception! The colour is so pretty, and you can see different shades of purple and green in it :) I had to make another short video to show you the duochrome, because my camera has always problems with capturing these lovely effects >.