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    Getting ready for Christmas #2: Glitter overload!

    For day 2 of my Getting ready for Christmas challenge, I decided to go all out and make a mish mash manicure featuring a couple of glitter polishes :) The manicure itself doesn’t look really Christmas-y, I know, but to compensate that, I arranged a Christmas-looking background XD Anyway, glitters are always festive, no matter how you style them, right? :P So, the nail polishes I used are the following: NYC ‘Pink princess‘, Essie ‘Luxedo‘, Pupa ‘800‘, H&M ‘Flamingo pink‘ and Essence ‘Make it golden‘. And now….it’s your turn! Show me you glittah!!!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Per il secondo giorno della challenge ho deciso di creare una manicure un po’ particolare, mixando…

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    Pastel dots nail art

    [ENG] It’s been a while since I’ve posted some kind of nail art, so it was about time for me to experiment with something different! But since I’m not such a huge fan of difficult experiments and patterns, I grabbed my beloved dotting tools once again and created some very simple yet effective nail art, that anyone can recreate :)As my base, I used “Flying higher” by Essence (quite an obvious choice, right? :D), then I picked up two extremely pretty pastel-y nail polishes by Orly (“Harmonious mess” and “Cotton candy“) and with a fine dotting tool I started putting some dots on the tips of my nails. Then I…

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    Cheetah print using the H&M nail art pen

    I have tried something new, and I liked it! :D I’m talking about the H&M 2 way nail art pen, which has a sort of pen on one side (actually it looks like a very thin pipe through which comes out the nail polish) and a brush on the other. The price of this nail art thing-y is 3,95€, not too bad.This was my second attempt using it, and I must say that it’s perfect for this kind of nail art, whereas it’s not very recommended for straight lines, because you haven’t got very much control over the flow of nail polish that comes out of the pen. Anyway, I…

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    French manicure with a twist

    So, here is the “elegant manicure” that I had in mind last time :P Nude-black-silver, what could be possibly more classy than this? As you can see, it’s not the usual french manicure, but I actually like it this way much more! The nail polishes I used are: L’Oréal “Opera ballerina” (which I’m already half-way through), Orly “Liquid vinyl” and the silver tape is again from kkcenterhk. Do you like this one too? :) Eccovi la manicure elegante che avevo in mente l’ultima volta :P Cosa c’è di più classico di una combinazione tra nude-nero-argento? Il modello sarebbe la french manicure, ma con un twist, e sinceramente preferisco questa versione! Gli…

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    Punk nail art

    This was actually supposed to be a very delicate and elegant nail art, but (don’t ask me how) it turned out to look more punk than I planned. LOL.Anyway, I was in a good mood for experiments, so I grabbed my kkcenterhk silver tape, some silver glitters (W7 “Silver dazzle”), a black (Orly “Liquid vinyl”) and a coral nail polish (Rimmel “Bubblegum pink”) and tried to combine all of them. Well, the result is definitely something different for me, but it was quite fun!Hope you like it too :) A dir la verità ero partita con un’idea ben diversa per questa manicure: doveva essere elegante e delicata, quindi non chiedetemi come sono…

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    There’s something new in the air!

    Surprise surprise! Last night I decided that it was finally time for a change, and this is what came out after a few hours of hard work :P I really like the result, and I hope you like it too!And for this special occasion I thought I could do something particular on my nails as well…so I took inspiration from an Instagram picture of the lovely Bridget (@bmwmchick on Instagram) and I tried to re-create the mani she did. Hers came out much better of course, but I’m actually pretty satisfied with mine because you know that I’m not a huge fan of nail art and I’m also not good…

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    Cute bunny nail art

    Today I’ve got for you a little nail art :) I see all those blogs with such amazing nail art, and I wanted to try something too. So, here it is! For this manicure I used: yellow base: Banana from Basic (you can find this brand in Schleker shops), from the Juicy Fruity collection; pink flowers/ears/cheeks: Enchanted Fairy from Essence; black eyes: Fabuless from Essence; white bunny/flowers: number 03 from Debby.  I know I’m not so good at this for now, but I absolutely want to try and try and try again until I’ll be able to do amazing nail arts :POh, and I’m finally done with my exams!! Yesterday…

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    White polka dots

    So, here it is, my final polka dots manicure :) I really like it, it’s so soft and sweet! And, guess what? This time no bubbles appeared! Maybe I finally applied my polish right :P (white dots made with white polish by Debby)