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    Lipstick galore! Top 5 Night Out Lipsticks

    Devo, ancora una volta, ringraziare le creatrici di questo non-tag, come lo chiamano loro, Ciulla e Stefania ma anche Federica (che mi ha taggato) per avermi dato un’ottima scusa per parlare di nuovo di rossetti, sequel della Top 5 dei rossetti preferiti da indossare di giorno (di cui ho realizzato un video che potete trovare qui). Ebbene sì, questa volta parliamo di quelle che sono le mie più probabili scelte di prodotti labbra da sfoggiare la sera, scelte che nel mio caso sono forse un po’ alternative rispetto a ciò che ci si aspetterebbe. Sì perché, dopo averci pensato su un bel po’, mi sono resa conto che ultimamente mi…

  • quando è

    I can’t resist cute bottles

     No mani today, just a sneak peek of what I got this afternoon. You know, sometimes you can find a little treasure when you least expect it, and this was one of those times! I’ve already talked about this italian brand in another post, but today I found these super cute mini-bottles and I just couldn’t resist them

  • Pupa,  quando è

    Glitter on top

    A few days ago I noticed that I actually didn’t own a simple black polish. I have one with gold glitters, one with silver glitters, one with a light silver shimmer, but no pure black polish. WHAAAAAAT?? Of course I went to my favourite drug store and I got a black polish. I think black is a perfect base colour for layering, especially when you’ve got some glitter toppers you want to try out, and that brings us to my todays mani! I wanted something really *bling-bling* and so I used my black polish as base and then an old glitter polish from Pupa I didn’t use for a loooong…

  • quando è

    Love at first (or better second) sight

    First of all, I wanna thank the lovely Abby for tagging me in her Award post; she said some really nice things about my blog and my “work”, and I want her to know that I’m so grateful for this :)I’ll write an award post myself as soon as I can! Second news of the day: I made it to order four of the Barry M. polishes I was talking about yesterday! In the end, I decided not to get “Shoking pink” because it looked too much like “Ultimate pink” from Essence, and I didn’t want to spend money for a dupe :PI think it will take about a week for them…

  • quando è

    Dark blue I like you :D

    For today I’ve got a dark blue polish from the italian brand “Quando è”, which my italian readers can find at the Acqua & sapone shops. There is a light shimmer in this polish, but sadly it’s really hard to capture on the nail. Anyway, I think that even if they’re really cheap (I bought this for 1€) they have a quite good formula.So, here are some pics, see you! (Two coats of blue polish + one coat of tc)

  • quando è

    Back again

    Sorry for my one-week-absence, but I had a lot of things to do, and my blogging will be a bit slow for the next weeks, because on the 16th my exams start, and I have to concentrate of them first of all :(Anyway, today I show you another “cheap polish” I got from a local drugstore, and it’s an amazing colour in my opinion. It’s a metallic blue, and it has a great formula and a beautiful brush, so applying it was quite pleasant :)In the pictures below it’s two coats and a tc.

  • Essence,  quando è

    Metallic blue + "glisten up!"

    Just a short post today to show you another cheap polish I got in a local store. I took these pictures some days ago. The colour is a nice metallic blue (the other one I got from this brand is a bit darker than this) with a nice formula, so the application was easy enough :) Instead of putting a transparent tc, I used Essence “glisten up!”, but I’m not so sure if I really like the result :/ I think this polish looks way better on darker polishes.  Well, this is it! Now I have to go back studying (yes, my exams are closer and closer and I’m absolutely…