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    Sinful Colors ‘Rich in heart’ (again)

    [ENG] I can feel how autumn is slowly approaching, and I couldn’t be happier! I love everything about this season, and most of all, I love changing my colour scheme concerning clothes, makeup and nail polish. I’m already selecting some of my favourite darker shades to wear again, and this one by Sinful Colors is definitely in my top ten for the upcoming colder months: “Rich in heart“. I showed you swatches of this beauty before (click here), but I just couldn’t help myself taking some more pictures, because this is a real stunner, and if you don’t already own it, you should get it asap! Anyway, I love everything…

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    Sinful Colors "Star dust"

    [ENG] It was not my intention to shop, I swear! But when I found an almost full display of the limited edition  of glitter polishes called “Paparazzi” by Sinful Colors I had quite a hard time figuring out if I should just have a look and pass by or buy the entire collection. I’m glad I chose to get just one nail polish in the end, and my wallet was probably thankful too :P Anyway, the bottle I decided to pick up was “Star dust“, which instantly caught my eye: the base is a very sheer purple, and it’s filled with the tiniest purple glitters plus some bigger magenta ones

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    Sinful Colors "Cinderella"

    So, this is the nail polish everyone was raving about a while ago, “Cinderella” by Sinful Colors, a baby blue filled with pink fleks, very pretty in the bottle, indeed.  But my experience with this colour wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be…first of all, it’s extremely sheer, that means that you’ll need at least three coats to build the colour up properly (I used four); second, it dries sooooo slowly, you really can’t move in the meantime, and considering that you have to put so many layers on, imagine how long it will take to be completely dry! And lastly, I don’t think that the colour is…

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    Sinful Colors "Rich in heart"

    I’m so pleased with the nail polishes I got from Sinful Colors recently! This brand has amazing shades, great quality polishes and a very reasonable price (3,70€), what could you possibly want more? :DThe colour I’m showing you today is called “Rich in heart” and it’s a very deep red base, almost black, with a gorgeous lighter red shimmer. I love it! And what I love most is the fact that the shimmer really shows up on the nail, while other polishes like this I own were pretty disappointing once applied. Sono davvero soddisfatta degli ultimi smalti Sinful Colors acquistati! Questa marca propone colori molto originali, sono di ottima qualità…

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    Sinful Colors "Sugar sugar"

    If you follow me on Facebook you’ll probably know that I have recently found the perfect holiday red, in my opinion. And if you have been following me for a while now, you’ll also know that I’m not particularly keen on red nail polishes…but hey, when it’s Christmas time something magic happens to me, and I start feeling the need to put some red on my nails :D So here we are, I have a red nail polish on and I do really love it! If this not the magic of Christmas….! Anyway, the colour I’m going to show you is from Sinful Colors, a brand that has recently appeared in…

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    Almost flakie-like

    I’m so happy that I didn’t have any lessons today, because this morning, when I woke up, the whole town was covered in snow. HERE and HERE are a couple of pics I took this morning :) It was definetly an artistic scenario!  Anyway, what could you possibly do if you’re stuck home with nothing to study? Paint your nails, of course! And that’s exactly what I did :D Surprised? I guess not :P Being completely uninspired, I decided to go for something very simple yet spectacular. I first painted two coats with the black polish from the “My sparkling acrobat” duo, and then I just topped it with “Green ocean” (Sinful Colors). Amazing,…

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    Neon by accident

    A weird thing happened:I wanted to swatch “Forget now” (Sinful Colors) again, because the only swatch I have of this gorgeous polish is quite old and not pretty at all. But when I took the pictures of it my camera completely changed the colour and made it look like a neon pink :/ Aha, nice joke.I also tried to take indoor pictures, but the result was the same!So, I think that my camera hates my poor little polish and I gave it up…I want to show you the pictures anyway, just to give you an idea of what happened. But please don’t picture this polish like this in your mind,…