Catrice love

Again I’m in a what-colour-should-I-wear phase, I really hate these >.< I paint my nails five or six times before I find the right polish, and when this moment arrives I'm usually completely sick of polish smell.
Anyway, this was NOT my last choice for my manicure, but I decided to swatch anyway… I’m talking about Purplelized (Catrice), a purple foil/shimmer, very pretty in his own way. What I loved about this one is the formula (application went smoothly and I guess you could use just one coat if you’re good enough) and the brush (I love Catrice brushes, they’re one of my favourite ever!). So, if you like the colour too, this is absolutely a great purchase :) I would love to wear this as a manicure, but I’m not in the mood for it right now. 
Instead, I’m wearing this polish mattified (with Matte about you, Essie), and it looks gorgeous!