"Choose me!" + I need your help!

The blue polish chipped on some fingers after a few days so I had to take it off :'( But I will definetly wear it again very soon, because I fell in love with it!
Anyway, today I want to show you how “Choose me!” looks on it’s own. I used this beautiful polish so many times as a layering polish, but this time I decided that it was time to try it alone. And I don’t regret my choice!
It’s really really pretty, and there’s also a hint of duochrome if you look closely. So…glitter bomb plus duochrome? Oh yeah, that works for me!

And there’s another thing: 
I need your advice (in particular from my european readers). I’m thinking about buying some of the polishes from the Metro Collection (China Glaze) but I’m still not sure where to get them. I guess the best choice would be, but I’m afraid they could make me pay addictional taxes when the package arrives at the border, and I think that it’s expensive enough even without these.
Please, anyone who has already tried to buy polishes from the US could tell me how it works exactly?