Deborah "Knock out violet"

All I have to say about this polish is: OMG.
I actually didn’t want to buy any new nail polish today, but when I got in front of the perfumery, there was a big sales notice, so I couldn’t just pass by! Aaaaaand, I got home with two new babies (yes, I’ve been a good girl, I didn’t buy the whole shop :P). The one I’m talking about right now is called “Knock out violet” and it’s from the pret à porter collection by Deborah.
Well, I could describe the colour as a dark violet with a lot of tiny glitters in it, but in the bottle it also looks a bit duochrome (sadly not on the nails). It’s a kind of jelly formula, very nice to apply, and I was very happy with my usual two coats :3 I also put a tc, but it wasn’t really necessary.
I’m so upset that you won’t see how gorgeous this polish is, because of my crappy pictures…but, if some of you have the possibility to get this polish, well…buy it and you’ll see!!!
P.S. I wanted short nails again…so, here they are :P

(with light box)