Dot dot dot

Good morning ladies! For today I have a special manicure to show you, and it’s a nail art (which is pretty rare to see on my blog) :) I did it yesterday in the morning, and since then I just can’t stop staring at my nails *.* Yes, I love it :P It’s nothing special or impossible to recreate, it’s just a dotting manicure, but I think that these colours together look awesome, and that’s why I’m so in love.
For this I used two coats of Got a Secret (Essence) as base colour, and then I took a regular black polish and a dotting tool (I used the ones Abby sent me for the first time, yay!) to do first the black dots, and then the silver smaller ones with another silver polish. Simple, right? :)
But, as much as simple this can be, I think it’s really eye-catching, in fact, a friend of my boyfriend (and I’m talking about a guy!) yesterday said that he loved my nails, and he just wasn’t able to guess how I did them XD
P.S. No, I didn’t pay much attention to the position of the dots, I painted them random on the nails!