Essence french manicure

I know, I suck in french manicures! But I wanted to try it, even if my nails are still short and even if the last time I did something like this it became a disaster. I’m so stubborn :/ First I tried to put light-blue polish instead of the classical white, but it looked awful, so I changed, but still the result doesn’t satisfy me. Well, I hope that with a lot of exercice I’ll be able to improve myself…
For this manicure I used the essence kit (yes, I know, but I swear I don’t always use essence products, you’ll see!), and this time I’m not so happy with it. At least not with the white polish…it’s too fluid, and too sheer for my taste. Actually, I’m not such a patient person, and french manicure takes too long to be done in my opinion…and I really hate those tip guides!! They always leave some glue on my nails when I take them off  >.<
Anyway, this is what I used for my french:
– Essence french glam (rose glam+white glam)
– Essence glitter top coat
And for the thumbs:
 Essence nail art freestyle&tip painter
– Essence nail art jewels
– Essence nail art stickers

Look how cute these stickers are, I’m in love with them!
I think I’m going to keep this manicure for another day and then I’ll change again, because I’m not so happy with it. Oh, and in four days will be my birthday, and I’m thinking about making myself happy with a self-done present :D Do you see the wishlist here on the left? Well, it’s time to make some wishes come true ;P