Essence "just rock it" + "Carrie"

Finally a mani I really love :) After changing nail polish three times yesterday, I found the perfect match! 
So, this is two coats of Essence “just rock it” and one coat of “Carrie” (also from Essence) on the top. I really think these two polishes are freaking awsome together XD I must find some more topper polishes like this…I think they’re gorgeous over almost every base!
  • That really looks awesome! I love glittery nail polish,but they are really hard to reamove :(

  • I know, I really hate that :( but they’re just too beautiful :D

  • Wow, awesome combination!

  • So awesome! This looks great!

  • Bellissima combinazione! Complimenti! :) Ho sempre evitato di comprare anche Carrie, perché ho già alcuni glitter dello stesso colore, ma dopo aver visto queste foto, la tentazione è enorme.

  • Ma che bello questo effetto un pò galaxy, mi piace!

  • What a lovely combination!

  • I LOVE IT!

  • Stupendo abbinamento!! Putroppo anch’io odio togliere i macroglitter, per cui non li uso molto spesso :-/

  • perfect!!!

  • S.

    Great color combo !
    Xx. S

  • OMG! This is gorgeous!!!!