Essence "sweet as candy"

So, this is my first post on this blog, and I’d like to introduce myself briefly before I begin.
I’m a 20-year-old girl from Italy, with a big passion for creative activities: I love photography, art, fashion, and, obviously, polishes! I fell in love with all those colourful little bottles not long ago, but now I’m learning how to make cute nails and how to take care of them the right way. Yes, because I used to simply put on different nail polishes without caring about my poor nails, who didn’t like that treatment at all! But, as I already said, I’m trying to learn more about this big nails-world, thanks to lots of amazing blogs which are a great source of inspiration for me :3
So, don’t expect big things for now, I’ll only show you my last purchases, my little nail arts, my favourite colours, etc. and I hope that I’ll improve myself. Oh, and of course I accept advices! I need them, especially from all of you who have more experience…so, let’s start! ;D
Oh, and wondering about the blog title? Well, “Like a candy shop” means that, when I enter a perfumery (or another shop which sells polish) I feel like a little girl who stands in front of tons of candies, and would love to take all of them home!! I’m sure you understand what I mean XD
One last thing: in this blog I’m also going to talk about my life, not only about varnish, I hope this will make things not so boring :P
So, last week I finally found Essence products, and I bought some of their nail polishes, a protecting base coat, some nail jewels and the nail art stylist. I only tried one of them until now, the one called “sweet as candy”, and I have to say that I’m totally impressed. For only 1.29E, I took home an amazing light-pink polish, which has a really good resistance (I put it on on saturday and it’s still perfect!). So, here it is (two coats and a top coat):
The only problem of this nail polish, in my opinion, is that the drying is not so quick as they say…actually it took pretty long to dry completely. And, on my left hand, I tried a little nail art, with some stones I found in the “nail art – nail jewels” set, pretty cute, and I really like the result:
In my opinion, this is a gorgeous polish, and I really recommend it to all those girls who love light pink shades. Let’s hope that also the other ones will look as good as this one does :3