Catrice,  duochrome

Genius in the bottle

Good morning! I have a very beautiful polish to show you today :) It’s one of the new Catrice polishes, and it’s called “Genius in the bottle“. You can see, it’s obviously another “dupe” of “Péridot” from Chanel. I’m really into this shade, and even if I already own the Sephora version, I couldn’t resist when I saw this pretty on the shelf! 
I wish Catrice had created this polish before I got the Sephora one, because it’s much more cheaper (2,79€ for 10ml, while “Diving in Malaysia” was 5,50€ for 5ml) and I actually kinda like more. I think the duochrome in this one is more evident, but apart from that I don’t think there are many differences between these two polishes.
I even shot a couple of underwater-pictures, just to show you how amazing the colour shifting is (which sadly isn’t that strong on my nails ç_ç).
On these pictures you can see 2 coats of “Genius in the bottle” plus top coat.