Pupa,  quando è

Glitter on top

A few days ago I noticed that I actually didn’t own a simple black polish. I have one with gold glitters, one with silver glitters, one with a light silver shimmer, but no pure black polish. WHAAAAAAT??

Of course I went to my favourite drug store and I got a black polish.
I think black is a perfect base colour for layering, especially when you’ve got some glitter toppers you want to try out, and that brings us to my todays mani!
I wanted something really *bling-bling* and so I used my black polish as base and then an old glitter polish from Pupa I didn’t use for a loooong time (and I don’t know why, because it’s really gorgeous!) on top.
I really really love the result :D

(This is two coats of Quando è black polish plus one coat of glitter polish and top coat)