Glitter sandwich

Hello there :)
I’m updating with a new manicure. Actually, I didn’t want to change my last mani, but I had to because I was able to chip it with my shaver (don’t ask me how I did it because I really don’t know!).
The good thing is that I finally had the chance to try a glitter sandwich that I had in mind for ages, and I was so pleased when I saw how pretty it came out :)
So, here it is, my first sandwich mani! I used two coats of a regular white polish as a base, then I applied one coat of “Circus Confetti” (Essence) and topped the whole thing with a sheer white polish (which would be good for french manicures, I guess). I love love love how it turned out, because the multi-coloured glitters are still visible, just a bit milky, and I think it looks so good on white :D
I really enjoyed trying something new, the only down side of such a manicure is the drying time :/ But I think it’s definetly worth it :)

  • Very pretty :D x

  • I like it :)

  • You know what – you can do some weird sh*t to me. I never liked this Essence polish and when I look at it on your nails… I kind of like it. Actually, I like it a lot, I’m just not sure if I’d wear it myself.

    • I feel proud that I made you change your mind about this polish :D And yes, you should absolutely try it, at least once!

    • I agree with Nihrida!

  • i got the same glitter topper but i never tried it with a white base.
    looks amazing! :)

  • cute combination! I think I’m gonna be wearing it in the spring time! :)

  • soooooooooo cute! I like it!


  • Perfect effect for Carnival! :)

    • E’ vero! Non ci avevo neanche pensato :D

  • Cuuuute!♥

  • I’ve actually never liked this polish very much. But who knows why, it looks really cool on your nails. Even though, I’m not really sure if I’m going to buy this one…
    Btw. Do you have some tips for good white nail polish? :)

    • Well, I’m still hunting for the perfect white creme, but I think it’s kinda hard to find, because, you know, such light colours are always trouble to apply :/
      For this mani I used a white polish I found in a chinese shop, and I actually like it, even if it’s not perfect (I also used it for my pink&white leopard mani). I also own another white polish, but it’s quite old and almost empty, so I don’t use it anymore, and I wouldn’t recommend it neither.
      So, I’m not really helpful, but I will definetly let you know if I find a really good white polish!

  • that’s gorgeous! I’m addicted to this kind of mani since I tried one last week! I did it with a light pink but also tried with white on a nail wheel and I loooooooved it! I’ll have to try over white on my own nails soon :D

  • Love this! It looks like Funfetti cake!

  • I adore this mani on you! I probably wouldn’t suit me tho :)

  • It looks like a pastel version <3! Gorgeous.

  • This is so festive and cute! :)

  • It reminds me of candy! Love it. It looks so cute on you!

  • Looks cute, and I love it over white. I should try something similar I guess.. :)

  • Quest’idea è veramente utilissima!! Ho anch’io il Circus Confetti, ma per certi smalti è troppo acceso ^_^

  • That is beautiful!!! Perfect combination — fun yet delicate at the same time. :)

  • Great jelly sandwich!

  • Bellissima idea, il risultato mi ricorda qualche Lippmann (credo). Finora non avevo avuto il coraggio di tirare fuori i miei “confetti da circo” ma proverò anch’io questo sandwich!!

  • This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it!

  • So unbelievably cute. One of my favourite mani’s!

  • Circus Confetti ce l’ho e mi piace un sacco *_* non avevo mai pensato di metterlo sul bianco, di solito lo metto sul nero… ma lo sai che è un’ottima idea? Mi devo procurare uno smalto bianco…

  • o.O I need to try this. Seriously. Right now. Ok, don’0t have time to do it right now, but SOON! Sheesh, what an AWESOME mani!

  • This looks so pretty! I seriously need to get a multi colored glitter polish ASAP. I’m a new follower btw!

  • This so cute I really like it, I wanna try this too! And I’ve sliced off my polish with the razor too that’s funny.