Glitter sandwich

Hello there :)
I’m updating with a new manicure. Actually, I didn’t want to change my last mani, but I had to because I was able to chip it with my shaver (don’t ask me how I did it because I really don’t know!).
The good thing is that I finally had the chance to try a glitter sandwich that I had in mind for ages, and I was so pleased when I saw how pretty it came out :)
So, here it is, my first sandwich mani! I used two coats of a regular white polish as a base, then I applied one coat of “Circus Confetti” (Essence) and topped the whole thing with a sheer white polish (which would be good for french manicures, I guess). I love love love how it turned out, because the multi-coloured glitters are still visible, just a bit milky, and I think it looks so good on white :D
I really enjoyed trying something new, the only down side of such a manicure is the drying time :/ But I think it’s definetly worth it :)