Hello! I know, I know, I’ve disappeared for a while, I’m a bad bad blogger ç__ç
But don’t worry, it’s not because I don’t want to post anymore or because I don’t have time anymore…the reason is more simple than that: I’m at the sea again! And obviously here the Internet doesn’t work.
Actually I don’t know why it does work right now, but I thought that I had to take advantage of this moment and post something. So here I am :)
I must admit, in these two weeks I think I changed nail polish two or three times (*whaaaaaat?*) so there isn’t much to say. But the only thing I wanted to share with you is my first Claire’s polish, which bought my best friend for me in France <3
I love it, soooo many blue glitters!! I used three coats, but the result was super sparkly and gorgeous :)
So, here the pics…see you back in town!