I love this berry

Good morning!
Finally the sales have begun and I can’t wait to do some healthy shopping ;) Well, not for my wallet for sure XD
I’ve already found a pair of shorts, and now I’m looking for some other nice stuff, like a long dress, a pair of sandals and some basic tank tops…have I already mentioned that I LOVE sales? :D

Anyway, for such a nice day I had to choose a gorgeous polish, and so here it is: Dirty Berry (Catrice).
I wanted this one for soooo long, and than my best friend got it for me :) And, guess what? Now it’s my absolute favourite polish in my collection!
I love this because it has such a lovely colour and it’s also a holo! The effect isn’t so strong, but when you look at your nails in the sun you can see all those little holo glitters sparkling <3
Yes, I’m in love.
Do you own Dirty Berry too? And do you love it as much as I do?