I’m so glad You belong to me

I don’t know why I haven’t posted pictures of this beauty yet. I re-discovered this polish after month it was sitting in my stash, and I’m wondering how I didn’t give him the deserved attention.
It “You belong to me” (Essence) I’m talking about, a gorgeous minty cream from the colour&go line.
With spring approaching, I really feel the need to wear more pastel polishes, and I think this is one of the most beautiful I own right now. My bottle is a bit old, so the polish was a bit thick but not impossible to apply, I used two coats for these pictures. I’ll definetly go and get a backup bottle today!
Question time: Do you know any other similar polishes out there? Possibly from brands I can find here in Europe, thanks :D
  • I decided to get rid of this one because it was so thick and impossible to use after just one application, I still have some photos of it, might post them soon, you reminded me of this color. The shade is surely very pretty, I believe it’s very similar to Essie’s Mint Candy Apply, not sure if you have Essie in Italy

  • This looks so perfect on you! I got this last May and I haven’t worn it yet. I’m not totally sure what a dupe would be, but I’ll try to look. :)

  • Anche io adoro questo tipo di tonalità… sono veramente delicate, ma si notano comunque perchè non sono nude! Mi piace tantissimo la Kristen della collezione Feel della Zoya

  • Quanto mi piace *_* ce l’ho anche io!

  • It’s a lovely pastel this one! It suits you a lot :) I know that BeautyUK do a lot of pretty pastels like “Peach Melba”, “Soft Lilac”, “Jade”, “Cotton Candy”, “Cafe Culture”, etc… You can probably find swatches of them online. Also, Barry M has put out a couple of really pretty soft shades like “Blue Moon” and “Strawberry Ice Cream” as well as others in the ice cream range! :)

  • Prova il “Lattementa” (o un nome così) della Kiko, mi sa che è un po’ più brillante, ma siamo lì…

  • Beautiful color… It suits you also beautifully!

  • Like Smalto suggest, try Kiko. With the gazillion polishes they have, probably one will be a decent replacement (and purse-friendly).

  • Fabulous color!

  • Utterly beautiful! :) Unfortuntely I can’t think of a dupe… maybe Essie. Or a China Glaze pastel.

  • i have this same one sitting in my stash.. for oh about 8 months or so. i really need to use it!

  • I don’t have this one, but it remind me on Depend 245, that I have, or Catrice Am I Blue Or Green (that’s unfortunatelly out of sale).

  • essie mint candy apple, even more gorgeous! :)

  • It’s so pretty! I like it! I don’t know of any specific dupes but there are more colors like this coming out lately so I shouldn’t be hard to find something similar I wanna say one of the china glaze electropop colors.

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