barry m

Like a Barbie or a flamingo?

There’s some stuff going on in my life lately, some good and some bad. But I won’t stop blogging, because this is one of those things which distracts you from your real life, and this is exactly what I need right now.
I’ve always thought I was a fragile person, but now I realize I was wrong: I went through a lot of things and I’m still here, with a smile on my face. I think I only have to convince myself that I can do whatever I want (or I have to) because I’m strong enough :)

So, now let’s talk again about nail polish! Today I’ve got another Barry M. polish to show you: Pink Flamingo.
This is definetly one of my favourites from this brand, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.
Again, the formula was pretty perfect, two coats and you’re done. The colour is amazing: so bright and so girly <3 I think it looks a bit like a Barbie pink :P

  • It looks great! Such a fun colour for summer :D

  • Beautiful!<3 Goes to my wish list :D

  • Love this pink!

  • bellissimo questo rosa!

  • I don’t know why, but I really enjoy watching girls wearing that kind of colours – it looks great on you.

  • Solo due mani? Ottimo risultato, il colore poi ti sta benissimo!
    In bocca al lupo per tutto quello che sta succedendo (ma mi pare che tu abbia già l’atteggiamento giusto)!

  • Hey Elsa, Pink flamingo looks so adorable on you! And wishing you all the best with whatever is going on in your life right now! I’m glad blogging can give you some distraction. Hugs from Holland

  • hope you get through the rough spots in your life oaky!

    That polish is absolutely beautiful on you!

  • This is one of my all time favourite polishes :) Looks lovely on you!

  • Such a pretty pink, perfect for summer! :)

  • Oddio, è un po’ troppo Sailor Moon per i miei gusti e temo che finirebbe in un cassetto, ma è davvero bellissimo e ti sta molto bene! ;)