Lovely experiments

When it came to change my mani, I wanted to try a layering, and I had these two polishes in front of me: Glisten up and No more drama (both from essence). Well, you know what? If you have both too then…overlap them!!! I did it, and the result was amazing (at least for my taste :P)!
I don’t know how to describe this colour exactly…I think it’s something like a lila-blue with greenish sparkles in it :) I really really like it :3 I used two coates of No more drama and one of Glisten up: perfect (and a top coat). I think that glisten up is so much prettier if used like a topper rather than alone…I will try different layering with this polish from now on, for sure!
Oh, I almost forgot! I’m taking part to an amazing project created by the lovely Colorful bottle, and it’s called “Guest nails”: she’ll give place, on her blog, to bloggers not so know (like me) to show their work/passion. Do you want to know more about this project and maybe participate? So take a look at her blog,you can find all the informations you need here: