Metallic Jupiter

Good morning! I hope you’re all having a beautiful Sunday :) Mine started quite well, and in the afternoon I’m going to my bff’s house because she’s having a little party for her 21st birthday…she’s baking lots of muffins for us and I can’t wait to eat them because I know they’ll taste amazing! :D
Anyway, talking about nail polish…today I have another gem to show you: “Metallic Jupiter” from W7.
If you’re curious where I got this and the other ones, check out my review about NailPolishDirect.uk here: CLICK!
I had to take some bottle pics because this polish looks sooooo amazing in the bottle! But sadly this gorgeous multichrome effect doesn’t completely translate on the nails :(
The base colour is a really dark one, I would almost say it’s black, and it’s packed with a huge amount of tiny glitters (or maybe glass-flecks?) that on the nail change from a magenta/purple to a blue colour. I wish the gold reflections would show up too, but nope, they don’t.
Anyway, I’m so happy to own this, and I would also recommend it to those of you who still haven’t bought these W7 Metallic polishes: they’re cheap and they’re gorgeous :)
If you’re interested in seeing “Metallic Mercury” swatched, here it is: click! and I’m planning to take pictures of “Metallic Neptune” too soon, so stay tuned if you’re curious!
Oh, I’m trying to let my nails grow a bit, but I still don’t know how this experiment is going to end…you know, I’m a great fan of nubbins, but sometimes I just wish I had beautiful long nails like some other nail bloggers.
Metallic Jupiter, W7: 2 coats