Monday’s wishes

When I saw “Knackered” for the first time my reaction was not that enthousiastic. Okay, it’s a duochrome AND a holo polish, but it’s sheer, and sheer polishes are not my cup of tea. But then I saw different swatches of it, and especially when I run into Amy‘s blog post about it (this one) I completely changed my mind. I started to love it. And now I really want it so bad! 
But before I’ll be able to get “Knackered”, I’m constantly looking for something similar. No, I still haven’t found anything like it, but I got a polish that is equally sheer and has tiny glitters (sadly not holographic) in an almost duochrome base, and I’ve already shown it to you some days ago, but layered on another polish.
So today I want to show you some pictures of this pretty polish on its own.
I must warn you: this shade doesn’t really suit my skin tone that good, but I can’t help it, I’ve fallen in love. It’s probably because of my current desire for the Butter London polish that I’m that into this itstyle polish, but that’s ok. So, here are the pictures of n.14 by itstyle, three coats shown.
  • Knackered looks amazing in the bottle but I’m not sure how I feel about it on the nail! I would definitely have to layer it over something else! That polish you swatched is very pretty itself!

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  • I really like the polish you’re wearing. Surprisingly as I’m not overly fond of sheer polishes either… But I guess there are a few I can make an exception for. ;)

  • Mmmm, this is so lovely

  • wow i love your blog! its right up my street :) lovely x

  • Looks prettier than I expected… They should’ve made the glitter holographic though ;p

  • Thanks for the shout out! It’s sheer but totally amazing for layering :) In case you needed more convincing lol

  • I’m in love with this colour too!