Nicole by O.P.I.

My Christmas day

Good morning! I hope you had a marvellous Christmas :)
I’ve spent three amazing days with my friends and family, and I’ve had so much fun! I’m just sad that Christmas is over, but I’m already thinking about New Years Eve and the dress I’m searching for :P
Anyway, I also received some gifts yesterday, and two of them were….guess what? Polishes!
Yes, my friends know exactly what I love <3
My best friend (who just got back from Germany) brought me a Nicole by O.P.I. polish; I just couldn’t believe it when I opened the package! Actually I didn’t know at all that in Germany they were selling polishes like O.P.I. &co. until she told me. I really enjoyed her gift, and I’m showing it to you right now :)
It’s called Iceberg Lotus, and it’s such a bright shimmer green :D In the bottle there were gorgeous blue/purple reflections, but you can barely see them once applied on the nails. The only thing that bothered me about this polish is that it’s pretty sheer. On one hand I did 4 coats, on the other 3 (because I applied it a bit better).
But hey! I think it’s worth the effort :D

 And here are all the polishes my friends gifted me together :) Yes, there are also some stickers behind them, and I can’t wait to try them! So, that’s all about my Christmas day, and what about yours? Did you receive some pretty polishes too? Let me know! :D