Kiko,  Layla

My first flakies!

I’m a happy girl, and you know why? Because I finally own some flakies!!!
Yes, and that’s because Layla decided to create some in collaboration with this italian beauty blog, Trendy Nail. The collection consist of five different glitters, but I just got the two flakies (this one and the red version).
Many girl said this one to be pretty close to the Nfu.oh n.51…they actually look similar, but I think that the Nfu.oh flakies still have something more. Anyway, I’m in love with this polish, and I keep staring at my nails every two seconds XD
I layered “The Butterfly Effect” over a purple base, which is n.293 from Kiko, just because I thought that it would look better than on its own.
So, here it is, my first true flakie polish! I have nothing more to add, I’ll leave the pictures talking :)

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Sono una ragazza felice, e volete sapere perchè? Perchè finalmente possiedo dei flakies anch’io!!!
Ebbene sì, poiché la Layla si è decisa a crearne in collaborazione con un beauty blog italiano, Trendy Nail.
La collezione in questione comprende cinque smalti glitter, di cui solo due sono flakies (questo che vedete nelle foto e una versione rossa).
Ho letto in giro che molte ragazze lo associano al n.51 della Nfu.oh…io non possiedo quest’ultimo, ma guardando alcune foto in giro per blog devo ammettere che sono piuttosto simile, ma credo comunque che quello americano abbia una marcia in più.
Sono follemente innamorata di questo smalto, e non riesco a smettere di fissarmi le unghie!
Per questa manicure ho prima steso due strati di uno smalto Kiko viola, il n.293 per poi sovrapporci uno strato di “The Butterfly Effect” (è così che si chiama lo smalto flakie).
Non ho altro da aggiungere, vi lascio alle foto :)
  • Liz

    Gorgeous! I looks really great on your nails. :D I love purple and flakies. *happy sigh*

  • absolutely gorgeous, these flakies look amazing!

  • Wow, gorgeous! Did you buy this polish in store in Italy? Can you get new Layla holographic polishes as well? I’m from Slovenia and I would drive to Italy to find them, but I don’t know where they sell them. :-S

  • wow, it does seem super close to Nfu Oh 51! super pretty!

  • This looks gorgeous!

  • Oh my, this is amazing! I’m drooling over this combo!

  • Wow! I love it :)

  • So pretty! I like flakies a lot in theory but somehow rarely get around to wearing them…

  • Love this look!

  • they are so pretty!

  • Your nails never cease to amaze me, so perfect. Great polish, too. It kind of reminds me of magical fire, or something, haha. Very pretty!

  • It’s very beautiful. I love flakies. <3

  • Che stupendissimo *__*

  • Oh my, this is stunning beyond words! I almost can’t handle the awesomeness. O_o

  • I think it’s as close a flakie can get to Nfu Oh 51, without having that multichromatic shimmer that truly separates Nfu Oh 51 from other flakies. Nevertheless this is absolutely stunning!

  • So beautiful! It’s a pity we don’t have Layla over here..

  • This is seriously so pretty!

  • Cel

    That’s such a beauty! Looks great on your nails ^_^

  • Leggendo i commenti (e guardando il Nfu che ho unghie)direi che la differenza sta proprio nello shimmer duochrome. Belli comunque questi flakes, peccato che da me Layla sia difficile da trovare…

  • Oooh this is pretty! I want!

  • Em.

    Now I have to buy this one :)

  • Supendissimo!!!

  • è davvero stupendo!!!