NailPolishDirect,  review

NailPolishDirect review

So, here’s my second review and it’s about the online shop
Well, buying from the UK can be a bit cheaper if we consider the shipping costs, but usually the products are more expensive, at least if we’re talking about American brands. So, if we can find a China Glaze polish for $3 in an American online shop, we’re going to spend £5,95 in this English one. That’s not cheap.
Anyway, the good thing is that they sell also other brands, which are English brands, and that means beautiful and cheap polish. I’m talking about W7 and Barry M. polishes.
The W7 polishes are £1,95 each, while the Barry M. ones are £2,95 each. I’ve already tried some Barry M. polishes a while ago, and I can tell you, they are amazing! Maybe they have not so many colours and finishes, but you can be sure that the quality you get is great.
Now I got some W7 polishes, but I haven’t tried them yet, so I can’t say anything about them right now, I only know that they have such amazing shades that it is impossible to resist them.
Long story short, I placed my order on the 23rd of December and it arrived yesterday, after sixteen days. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous preview is that you have to keep in mind that I placed my orders during Christmas holidays, and if there were delays I’m sure that’s one of the most important reasons.
So, I’m really satisfied with the shipping, it was cheap (£2,95) and it was fast (and it will be probably faster during a non-holiday period). My package arrived in perfect conditions.
Another thing that I really liked about this online shop is that if you buy 5 of their W7 polishes you get a W7 top coat for free. I ordered six of them, and I got the top coat too, and I can’t really wait to try it!
There’s really nothing bad to say about NailPolishDirect, they have competitive prices if we consider their English brands and the shipping cost; obviously, if you want to buy American polishes it will be a lot more expensive (O.P.I. polishes are £10,50, Essie are £9,95, China Glaze are £5,95), so I wouldn’t recommend to buy them here.
In conclusion: my order was made up of 6 W7 polishes for £1,95 each, plus I got the top coat for free, the shipping was £2,95; the grand total was £14,65, that means about £2,10 per polish (if we include the top coat, without it would be £2,45 per polish). I’m definetly not complaining.
NailPolishDirect is a good online shop, and I would recommend it to those of you who are looking for pretty and inexpensive polishes!  
from left to right (second picture):
W7: Metallic Mercury, Metallic Neptune, Metallic Jupiter, Purple Paradise, Silver Dazzle, Gold Dazzle