Nameless beauty

Guess what? I took this pretty polish home with me for just 1€, and look how amazing it looks!
And it’s not just pretty, its formula was a dream too <3 What you see is two smooth coats of awesomeness plus top coat. After the first coat I thought it was like a jelly, but it actually covers a lot better!
It’s dark green with lighter shimmer and I’m wondering why I haven’t tried this brand before. I also bought another polish, which is a green/blue cream, lovely in the bottle, let’s see if it’s as amazing as this one :D
Sadly these polishes don’t have names, but I think it’s number 042 :/
How would you call it? It reminds me a Christmas tree (without decorations of course), so I would choose a Christmas inspired name…what would you say?
  • Enchanted Pine maybe? The shimmer of teal in there is gorgeous!

  • You’re kidding me! WOw! Amazing polish, what a gem! It actually reminds me of Nubar Earth … or Conserve … one from going green collection. Marvelous polish. Actually, I’d call it Green Dragon. I think dragons are awesome, and this is an awesome polish. :D

  • Bellissimo davvero (ed è proprio il 42 che ho anch’io, evviva)!

  • That is such a pretty green! I love the shimmer in it :D


  • It is beautiful and I would name it Winter Fairytale ;)

  • Oohh ! these look perfect !! i like :) i following you now !!
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  • Jesus! Anche io ce l’ho, come l’ho visto nel cestone è stato amore a prima vista!!!! Anzi, visto il colore albero di natale, potrebbe essere la base per la mia prossima nail art natalizia *__*

  • ciao! ma dove si trovano gli smalti di questa marca?