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New stuff

Hello there! I hope you’re having a nice week-end :) Mine started pretty good: I went for some shopping ;)
I got home with five new polishes and a BB creme. You can see the polishes I got and their names in these pictures (I also bought a back-up of “Dress for a Moment” by Essence). I miss spring so bad, can you tell looking at the colours I chose? :)

I said I also bought a BB creme…well, do you know what it is? I didn’t until a couple of days ago.
It’s a mix of moisturizing creme and foundation. It should moisturize your skin, protect it from UV rays, make your skin appear more radiant and uniform and cover light imperfections. Sounds great, huh?
This isn’t of course a product for those of you who want a real foundation to cover also bigger imperfections, this has a really light covering, and I think it’s good for people who already have a nice skin.
I’m pretty happy with mine, and I don’t like wearing a foundation, but I always moisturize my skin in the morning, and sometimes I use a foundation from NYC (a really good one in my opinion, which isn’t heavy at all) just to even out my skin. So I thought that it was a good idea to try one product that has two in it. Now I’m very curious to try it, hoping that the colour of the creme goes well with my skin (there are just two colourations: a medium-light and a medium-dark).
Have you ever tried a BB cream? What do you think about it? Let me know!

  • They are gorgeuss !!
    i wait you and i wish follow me :)

  • Nice new stuff. You should have tried real BB creams (the Asian ones like those from Skin79, Missha, etc). I have Missha Perfect Cover and love it, though will give others a go. There are almost millions to choose from and will probably skip my foundation entirely when I use them all up.

    • Thank you for telling me about these, I didn’t know anything about them! I’ll probably buy one in the next future :)

  • I have the garnier BB cream in medium and in winter is too dark for me. But i’ve ever sine the light one in Sloveia.

  • Lovely polishes… Like Marox said, maybe it would have been a better idea to start with a real BB cream. I tried Skin79 (the hot pink one) myself a couple of months ago. This a very good replacement for foundation. I actually almost don’t use my foundation anymore; only this BB cream. The coverage is really great, I’m so happy with this one! And the color adapts to your skincolor within a couple of minutes! Definitely worth to try…

    • I didn’t even know about these, thanks for letting me know :) I’ll try this one first, and in the next future I could try also this Skin79 one (I’ve just seen some good reviews on YouTube!). :)

    • Great idea… But I didn’t know too, until a couple of months ago. And now I’m hooked :)

  • Nice! I can’t wait for your swatches! I am extra curious for that Deborah Flirty Femininity! :)

  • those look really cute, looking forward to the swatches! =)

  • Can’t wait to see these on you!

  • Great haul! I can’t wait to see the teal crackle in particular! <3

  • I also just recently found out what is BB cream and I think this would be perfect for me, anyway I want this one so badly that I go to the store every week but they never have the lightest shade (or maybe the medium is the lightest?). I hope you will test it soon and tell us about your experience :)
    Oh, and the flirty femininity looks so angelic ;)