New Year’s Eve mani

Good morning and Happy 2012!

I’m so happy that this new year has finally begun, and I’m full with good vibes and expectations :) I had a marvellous night and I’m ready to start this year with my closest friends, my family and my boyfriend.
I hope you had a good time too :)
So now let me introduce you to my New Year’s Eve manicure, of which you already had a little preview in yesterdays post.
I decided to wear a silver polish, and it’s nr.16 from itstyle (an italian brand). I wanted this polish to look like a chrome one, so I used 4 coats to make it look very intense. Well, not exactly the same thing but it was enough for just one night :)
The polish itself is very pretty, maybe a little too sheer, but it’s ok, I don’t want to complain :P
So, stop talking, here are the pictures! Hope you like them, and again, I wish you all an amazing 2012!